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      Welcome to the School of Marine Science and Technology (SMST) of Northwestern Polytechnical University. At the school, we are seeking to use research and education to better understand, protect, and utilize the oceans. I encourage you to browse through our web site to get a taste of the excitement of discovery, innovation and collaborative community that we experience every day in SMST.


    Since its original establishment in 1956, our school has a long and proud tradition and reputation of excellence in ocean engineering related education and research. Many faculty members are among the most-honored nationwide and award-winning professors in their respective fields of research. There are more than 179 faculty and staff members in our school among which are three academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Our passion for knowledge has fueled the creation of several nationally funded laboratories of excellence in fields of underwater information processing, acoustic engineering, control engineering, power and energy systems, just to name a few.


     Our students have the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of campus life: honors programs, participating in faculty research, entrepreneurship program, studying abroad and so on. This enables them to tackle problems far afield and provides the foundation for lifelong achievement. Speaking of which, our alumni and alumnae are making their marks around the country in fields ranging from the sciences and technology to business and politics.


     We are a top-tier marine engineering school with achievements at every turn in China. Our goals will always be remaining competitive, continuing to grow as well as enhancing our educational programs. Because of the major and dis-neglectable role the ocean plays, this is a truly challenging task. While we are very confident that we can keep pace with the world top technology and advancement and make a difference. We encourage collaborations among the professional schools in our university, other institutions, industry and government to ensure the school is well poised to succeed in the rapidly changing world.


   Again, welcome to the School of Marine Science and Technology. I hope that you’ll peruse our Web site to learn more about our exciting research and educational programs and to get to know our faculty and students. We are delighted you are sharing this remarkable journey with us.


     Pan Guang
     Dean, School of Marine Science and Technology