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Graduate Programs

• Acoustics (MS, PhD) 

Environment Acoustics (MS, PhD) 

Physical Acoustics (MS, PhD) 

Underwater Acoustics (MS, PhD) 

Acoustic Signal Processing (MS, PhD) 

 Information and Communication Engineering (MS, PhD)

Communication and Information System (MS, PhD) 

Signal and Information Processing (MS, PhD) 

• Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (MS, PhD)

Ocean Acoustics (MS, PhD) 

Underwater Acoustic Signal and Information Processing (MS, PhD) 

Sonar Technique (MS, PhD) 

Navigation,Guidance and Control (MS, PhD) 

Underwater Vehicle Technology (MS, PhD) 

Advance Control Theory and Simulation  (MS, PhD) 

Design and Manufacturer of Ship and Marine Structures (MS, PhD)  

• A* Science and Technology (MS, PhD)

System Design Technology and Simulation Technology (MS) 

Launch and Recovery Technology (MS)

Energy and Power Technique (MS)

Hydrodynamics and Drag-reducing undefinedamp; Noise-suppressing Technology(MS)

Underwater Signal Process and self-Guidance Technology (MS, PhD)

Underwater Navigation Systems (MS)

Underwater Control Systems (MS)

Advance Control Theory and Simulation Technology(MS)

Special Energy Theory and Power Technique ( PhD)

Launch and Recovery Theory and Technology (PhD)