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Opening Ceremony for The Key Laboratory of Acoustics and Sensing
2017-03-28 15:30   审核人:

 Laboratory of Acoustics and Sensing of SMST has been firstly approved to the key laboratory by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 

The first academic meeting for the key laboratory hosted by professor Yan Weisheng, vice-president of SMST, held on Nov. 9th at International Meeting Center. Assistant President Zhang Yanning gave the opening speech and then processed the ceremony with Li Fenghua, the director of academic committee for the Key Laboratory of Acoustics and Sensing. Professor Yang Kunde, the director of the key laboratory introduced the basic information, the latest research achievements and future plans of this laboratory, soon afterwards, academician Yang Shie, academician Ma Yuanliang and other members of committee also came up suggestions for the future development of the key laboratory.



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