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Cooperation with Florida Institute of Technology
2016-12-21 17:45   审核人:

    As the sponsor and representative, SMST combined with other three schools to establish a collaborative academic degree program with Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2016. Students will complete a portion of their study at SMST then conclude the degree program of work at FIT and receive a baccalaureate degree from two Universities.

   This program is intended to take advantage of the common strengths of these two universities and to broaden the backgrounds of students involved to include international experiences. FIT has a long distinguished history in producing engineers, scientists. It is well known for its attraction to international students and its proximity to the NASA Kennedy Space Center and local high-tech industry.  Northwestern Polytechnical University is a known as one of the leading universities of China, a large metropolitan university with particular strengths in Aerospace Engineering., Ocean engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

   For degree programs at FIT in the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Ocean Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, students will be expected to spend about 2 years in agreed upon curricula at Northwestern Polytechnical University and will complete their degree requirements at FIT.

   Northwestern Polytechnical University will receive tuition scholarships of $10,000 per academic year or $5000 per fall and spring semester if their overall GPA is maintained at 3.0 or higher.


President McCay of FIT visit NWPU in 2016