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The Third Championship in SAUV2018 Awarded to School of Marine Science
2018-03-15 15:43   审核人:

March 9 to 12, the 6th Singapore AUV International Challenge (SAUVC2018), organized by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES), was held at the Singapore Polytechnic University. The Nemo Ⅲ mini - an small intelligent underwater vehicle designed by innovative team from School of Marine Science of NPU, defeated 28 strong competitors and realized the champion for three times in succession in the end.

Compared to the previous competition, the situation is particularly grim this year. The number of competitive teams has increased from a dozen to nearly 30, and the task difficulty has also been raised-the display of game props in each task can be arbitrarily changed by the referee and the debugging time of the formal competition was further compressed, but our team members still resisted all these pressure and became the only team to finish all tasks automatically within 15 minutes.