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The First International Summer School of SMST Concluded Successfully
2018-08-02 17:19   审核人:

The First International Summer School of Northwestern Polytenical University was successfully launched from July 2, 2018 to July 28, 2018. The ultimate goal for such Summer School was to provide students with an international class experience through bringing in overseas talents.

With the great support from the Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for the Study of Ocean Information Sensing (111 Center), SMST invited 6 distinguished professors who were respectively from Purdue University, University of Bremen, Lund University, University of Strathclyde, Palestine Technical University to offer 7 elective classes for both undergraduate and graduate students. There were all together 102 students registered for summer classes which included Underwater Acoustics and Sonar Signal Processing, Dynamics of Ocean Engineering, and Introduction to Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, the Sino-foreign cooperative course.

During the School time, The Overseas Experts Group Conference was held. President Assistant and the Head of 111 Center Yang Yixin, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department Sun Wubin, and Deputy Dean of SMST Wang Huigang attended the conference and conveyed their intention of establishing the joint laboratory and developing the Sino-foreign cooperation in the future.

Two Overseas Key Scholars of 111 Center, Guillermo Paniagua, ASME Fellow and Professor in Purdue university, and Dieter Kraus, Professor in University of Bremen, both expressed that it was a great pleasure to work with Northwestern Polytenical University and they would put great effort in promoting the multi-cooperation for the further development among NWPU and their universities. Sadiq Ullah, the Associate Professor from University of Engineering and Technology, stated that he was on behalf of his university to sign the cooperative document with NWPU to initiate the collaboration between two schools in multiple areas.